All Things Emoji – Lets Learn to Decipher.

Emojis Minimalistas

We are en route to reverting back to the writing style of our forefathers, and I don’t mean Washington, Jefferson or Franklin, I mean like way back to the cave dwellers… expressions through, pictorials, symbols and codes. The era for the visual language of millennials and igeneration has dawned upon us. Welcome (a bit late to the party) to the “Emojis” that is…the digital language to connect.

We are all familiar with the smiley face, the wow, mad, and sad face, the praying hands, smiley face with tongue sticking out, the wink, the thumbs up, and various plethora of icons we embed in our texts/posts daily communicating via our smartphones.

I bet ya some of you are emoji aficionados while others are novices trying to get a grip on the trendsetting lexicon. So don’t fall off the band wagon on the road to emojiville.

Basic emojis have a wide spectrum from smileys and people, nature and animal, food spirits, travel places, buildings objects, symbols flags and the lists go on. If you want to look up your emojis you can visit the Wikipedia of emoji’s at Emojipedia.

Needless to say they are going viral in the social media forums and are customizable depending to the forum you delve in. Facebook introduced emojis as an enhancement to their “Like” button adding to the expressions (aka “reactions”) you can share on friend’s postings. Emoji use is pretty popular on twitter feeds and so much so that there a site dedicated to track the tally of emoji’s being used on twitter

Similarly a recent snapchat update has various emojis next to your friend to convey to you the category of relationship based on your snaps you send to your snapchatter (snapchat buddy). Check them out, here is the snapchat support for emoji’s

It would be remiss of me to not mention the novelty and sheer awesomeness of Disney’s’ Star Wars: Force Awakens emojis that were released as part of the Star Wars app in anticipation of the movie as a promotional drive.  Because of its success, more characters, ships, and weapons were added to the list of icons for avid collectors. Are emoji collections replacing the comic books and bobble heads collections (you can tell I am dated)? Emojis have even transcended into the NCAA tournament, the awesome march madness emojis for your favorite team mascots (go NC). Emojis are even being used by various companies in advertising/marketing and in logos (aka “logojis) to promote a brand. Taking about emoji branding, these icons are being customized for celebrities (the Pope has his own emoji). So if you have discovered any niche of emojis that fuel your hustle-please do share.

Analogous to a way of communication, even within emojis there are codes to what the icon means. These emojis are widely understood and have a double entendre and emojis are just getting started as prototypes to a distinct code language similar to a dialect. Whether you use emojis in the standard meaning or its hidden meaning, they are here to stay, so they can’t be cavalierly ignored.

Since long-winded writing and use of words are in a decline (sigh! is there an emoji for that?), and a couple of years ago we thought that that short cut acronyms in texting were vitiating the art of writing. What do you think? I thought I was late getting on board with texting and now even slower with the emojis. So whether you fancy it or dislike it, statistics say it’s what the newer generation uses to communicate and sets the tone of a conversation in a fast paced world. Why text a line when a single emoji reveals it best? A single image so succinctly conveying your thought or emotion.

So to the dinosaurs like me in the net world, I better evolve and learn to communicate in the emoji language for survival. You never know, soon we may have to choose our presidential candidate on an emoji ballot.

Photo Credit: Emojis Minimalistas by tobiaschames C.C by 2.0


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