Happy Star Wars Day.

Star Wars wallpapers

Although I may celebrate something Star Wars-ish throughout the year, May 4 is the official day for brethren who fancy all things Star Wars – whether Jedi or Sith, Empire or Rebel, Light side or Dark side, R2-D2 vs BB-8, Star Wars trilogy old-school or a Force Awakens era fan (or in-between), Galactic chaos vs Peace, good vs Evil… This Wednesday let’s celebrate it all…the Star Wars Day

It is considered a day for fans to appreciate Lucasfilms created movies, series, books, and culture. Don’t be surprised when someone says to you — “May the Fourth be with you” a catchy twist to the popular phrase “May the Force be with you”.

Thought I’d share with you all the fun stuff to commemorate and appreciate Star Wars Day.

Love the official Star Wars App…if you haven’t already done so, great place to start your enchantment for all things Star Wars, download and choose your theme of Light Side, Dark Side (moi) or Droid and send you friends cool Stars Wars selfie (my favorite part); great emojis and stickers to share, awesome sound board/sound effects and many more interactive features.

Try something boisterous-Enjoy various Game App for mobile phone including the Angry Birds Star Wars Series and the Lego Star Wars and various other free ones that you can play online . There is also a great App for the Stars Wars Crawl Creator to write your own opening crawl. Demo the Star Wars rings and text tones compiled here, and yes there is even a fun app (Vader Voice) to change your voice to Darth Vader-give it a try.  And then there is the Yoda Speak App for the riddle like reverse nature of jedi master Yoda talk (Yodish? beware grammar snobs). Finally the awesome light saber app (Force Saber of Light) where you can customize your lightsaber and sway and swish the beam (your phone in the air) like the real deal, and if you can find a buddy with the same app..Walla an intergalactic battle-show them who’s your daddy (darth vader pun).

For the more factual fans follow social channels and learn Star Wars Facts via Twitter @starwars_facts as their logo states “All of the things about the Star Wars Universe the Empire doesn’t want you to know.” Loads of links and information for you, portals to discussions boards, blogs, news  All Things Star wars .

If you need a cliff notes version read up on n The 100 Greatest Things About Star Wars. You can explore the Star War universe at Wikipedia of stars wars or delve into the Star Wars Insider Magazine, and lastly talk the talk at the Star Wars Quotes page and that you can use in your everyday life

Or simply enjoy the day with renting or streaming the most epic space saga (make it a movie marathon), a timeless story of good versus evil that starts with “A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far way” a story that has influenced our world in countless ways. Remember…the Force will be with you, always!

Photo Credit:  Star Wars wallpapers by Stefson CC BY-NC-ND 2.0








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