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Angel Sleeps

Sorry, a day late and a shuteye short, but thought I’d share it anyway. March 18, 2016 was the annual World Sleep Day which is celebrated globally. It is an event that brings awareness, advocacy via education to the society about the benefits of good sleep, and also brings attention to the myriad of problems for those struggling with sleep disorders.

The world sleep day was established by the world sleep committee (yep there’s a committee for it) and sponsored by World Association of Sleep Medicine (WASM). The 2016 slogan for the World Sleep Day is Good Sleep is a Reachable Dream”. The message is simple- that good sound sleep is pivotal component for good health that enhances the quality of life and happiness and that sleep disorders should be recognized and are treatable. Their mission is to advocate globally for better prevention and management of sleep problems and to diminish the hardships on those grappling with deprivation of treasured possession we take for granted –our good sound sleep.

To get to know some simple regimens about good night sleep here are some recent articles I thought I’d share with you; World Sleep Day: 10 tips for a good night’s sleep By Susie East, March 19, 2016 and Guardian Article Zzzzzzzzz … 12 simple steps to a good night’s sleep by Richard Wisemen, January 31, 2016.

Since I fancy all things techie, I thought what better way to advance a healthy sleep cycle than a sleep tracker app. Check out one of such apps that I just downloaded sleepcycle that analyzes your sleep pattern, graphs it out over time, and finds the perfect time to wake you up. With the recent daylight savings spring forward, and loss of an hour, it’s time to try this app out. There are other apps for sleep enhancements such as sleeps sounds (such as white noise, rain drops, Zen music) which may appeal to your slumber side. As for gizmos, there are plenty of innovative gadgets from pillows (don’t forget the stuffed toy), wrist bands, lights, sleep clocks, individualized mattress, aromatherapy humidifiers/diffusers, and sound therapy systems that target the sensory stimuli to induce relaxation and sleep. Have a read at the Entrepreneur Article 21 Gadgets That Can Help You Sleep Better Tonight, by Geoff Weiss, November 8, 2015

In the fast paced work environment obsessed with productivity, we often forgo our healthy sleep habits.  Let’s not fight with our circadian rhythm, take some steps- such as effort to establish a regular early to bed routine, shutoff our electronic devices (except the ones to enhance our sleep), relax with some soothing music, get those natural REMS going and simply sleep. Here’s to more Zzzzz’s.

Photo Credit: Angel Sleeps by planetchopstick CC by 2.0


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